We speak for the victim.



Helping those without a voice.

In 1995, our firm had a vision. Our vision was to commit our careers to help those without a voice. To provide solutions and comfort to those who needed it most. Someone to fight the biggest companies in the world to help recover for their injuries or the loss of a loved one. Our Firm has travelled the world and recovered over $160,000,000 in our pursuit of justice for our clients. As the famed trial attorney Jim Perdue Sr. asked “Who will speak for the victim?” We Will. Every day. All day.

Community Involvment

  • Recognition as top mentors at JFK Elementary School
  • Recognition for involvement in University of Houston Athletics
  • Board of Directors for Westbury High School Baseball
  • Recognition as a “Jokyonim” for Mr. Klitsas’ efforts on behalf of the International CHA-YON RYO Karate Association

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